B100S concrete pump - Technical data

How does it work?

The B100S is a simply designed volumetric pump without valves. The key components are an eccentric steel alloy rotor with a single thread and highly abrasion resistant stator that has a double thread. As the rotor turns inside the stator, the meshing geometry of the two components create sealed chambers on both inlet and outlet sides. Rotation of the rotor opens and closes the chambers gradually and alternatively. This way, the material is continuously conveyed. Output is proportional to rotation speed.

12 V vibrator

Hydraulic power-pack

500l additive tank

Pressure control manometer

Concrete screw pump

A large container protects the fuel tank


The screw pump may be readily operated in either forward or reverse, thus enabling the hoses to empty in case of clogging.

Pumping output control

Gradual output control ensures accurate injecting and spraying

Radio remote control

To start and stop the B100S, use its radio remote control. Alternatively, the machine can be equipped with a handy low voltage cable remote control.

The B100S, connected to an appropriate air compressor, enables a constant spraying and makes your work easier.