Tragen B250 floor screed mixer-transporter - Technical data

Simple and reliable

Thanks to our involvement in research and development and years of experience of building sites worldwide, we have managed to successfully project our concept of simplicity and reliability. As new customers you will experience this as have hundreds of other users.The length of the tragen has been reduced to a minimum, the weight has been controlled and its height is only 90 cm: these factors allow easy loading and positionning even in the narrow streets of old cities. The controls are all positioned on the same side of an electric board which is protected from sprays of water and allows easy control of all the machine's functions highlighting them with lit bulbs and automatically blocking the electric motors in case of a drop in tension or the opening of the safety protection units. The machine also has an hour meter which helps to schedule work and maintenance.

Meeting safety standards

The tank has been designed and tested to resist pressure and general wear and tear. It is prepared for hoses of different diameter and is fitted with a protective grid wich once opened blocks the mixer. The fast closing lid has a balanced spring and a robust vent valve, this safety feature stops if opening while in use. Inside the machine the mixer shaft is supported by special pads and durable washers. The mixing paddles are anti wear and tear resistant.

How does it work?

The floor screed which is loaded either manually or using the skip is mixed quickly, subsequently the flow of compressed air pushes it through the tubing to the pumping area.

Mixing-not to be underestimated

With the floor screed mixture left to dry very quickly, a perfect mixture of gravel and binding agent must be guaranteed in order to achieve the best results and to create the fundamental chemical combination for low levels of humidity within a few hours. The form, number and positioning of mixing paddles have been improved for this.

Technical data

    B250 E B250 EB
Mixer motor   Electric triphase Electric triphase
Type   230/400V 50Hz 230/400V 50Hz
Power kW 5,5 5,5
Skip motor   Electric triphase
Type     230/400V 50Hz
Power kW   1,1
Vessel capacity l 270 270
Skip capacity l   270
Scraping device     Optional
(not incorporated)
Air delivery l/min. 2400 - 5000 2400 - 5000
Working pressure bar 7 7
Floor screed output* m³/h 3 3-4
Max granulometry** mm 20 20
Conveying distance m 70 - 80 70 - 80
Horizontal* m 120 120
Vertical* m 80 80
Vessel outlet Ø 60 - 65 - 100 60 - 65 - 100
Size cm    
Length mm 2750 2920
Width mm 1300 1300
Height mm 1340 1340
Weight Kg 700 880

* Depending on air volume of compressor used
** Con tubazioni da Ø 100