Tragen B250DC floor screed mixer-transporter - Description

Tragen B250 DC

The right choice

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B250 DC

Pneumatic transporter for floor screed
totally hydraulically driven


Once it was necessary to use cement mixers, wheelbarrows, cranes or other types of lifting machinery for floor screed. This meant low productivity and hard labour. Since more than twenty years Bunker has contributed to the development and production of mixer-transporters. This machine means great savings in terms of transportation and manpower.

The right choice

The growth of the building trade determines an increase in the interests of professional floor screed layers in the floor screed sector. One cannot avoid an increase in competition and above all cannot avoid the regulations which must be conformed to on the buliding sites, that is why it is fundamental to choose the right machine.

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B250 DCB with loading skip

A new series

The TRAGEN B250 DC series represents a new generatioon of floor screed transporters. Driven by new DIESEL DEUTZ 3 cylinder engines and by new ATLAS-COPCO 4000 and 5200 litre per minute compressors. They are equipped with a scraping blade and skip which ensure high productivity and low overheads.

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Easy transportation

Thanks to the powerful compressors it is possible to mix and pump from 30m³ to 40m³ to a height of 100m within a range of of 180m. The most varied mixes and floor screed materials used today in modern construction:

  • pure and bound expanded clay
  • polystyrene, cork, fine gravel
  • normal and finer concrete with a grain size mass maximum of 16mm
  • light concrete and sand

It is not necessary to move the machinery around even on the biggest building sites, everything is simple.

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Work freely

The tragen with a compressor is a mobile pumping unit which does not need electricity. It can be hauled along any road, even over difficult roads and only two people are needed to set up the machine on the building site.